Ethan Yifu Tao 陶奕甫

DPhil Student in Robotics, University of Oxford


I am a DPhil student in the Dynamic Robot System Group of the Oxford Robotics Institute, University of Oxford, supervised by Prof. Maurice Fallon from 2020. I am interested in large-scale 3D reconstruction using both vision and depth-sensing devices such as LiDAR.

Prior to my DPhil, I finished my undergraduate study in Engineering Science also at the University of Oxford with a MEng degree at 2020. For my master’s thesis, I worked on human body 3D reconstruction supervised by Prof. Philip Torr.


Jan 29, 2024 SiLVR was accepted at ICRA 2024!
Jan 05, 2024 Invited talks at CVMI Lab and MARS Lab at Hong Kong University.
Dec 24, 2023 I was on the BBC! This post summarises our conversation on forest mapping research.


  1. silvr.png
    SiLVR: Scalable Lidar-Visual Reconstruction with Neural Radiance Fields for Robotic Inspection
    Yifu Tao, Yash Bhalgat , Lanke Frank Tarimo Fu , Matias Mattamala , Nived Chebrolu , and Maurice Fallon
    In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) , 2024
  2. osprey_flight.jpg
    Osprey: Multi-Session Autonomous Aerial Mapping with LiDAR-based SLAM and Next Best View Planning
    Rowan Border , Nived Chebrolu , Yifu Tao, Jonathan D. Gammell , and Maurice Fallon
  3. pdc.png
    3D Lidar Reconstruction with Probabilistic Depth Completion for Robotic Navigation
    Yifu Tao, Marija Popović , Yiduo Wang , Sundara Tejaswi Digumarti , Nived Chebrolu , and Maurice Fallon
    In IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) , 2022